Friday, November 13, 2015

The Clothing Lounge: November Top Picks

Hey hey beautiful people of the internet, I hope you are doing well and have been enjoying the week, that’s just gone (naturally living in Britain, it’s always raining but we do make the most of it).

Today, I bring you my November Top Picks in collaboration with and boy it is a doozy because is something super new and unexpected on the blog and something that I have never featured on the blog (ever) and that is "Mens Wear”.

My top picks for the month of November is dedicated to the minority of my followers the male followers.  Without further adieu, lets get into it.

First off is this super edgy, but minimal Y backpack by Monochrome.  I picked this because recently, backpacks have been my go to bag and I love that with backpacks you can go hands free and has more room for your personal belongings.

The Backpack currently retails for £170.00 and is made out of waxed cotton.

My next pick is this awesome monogramed tee also by Monochrome.  The main reason why I picked this, is because it's not your average tee, it's elevated version.  The monogram "M" for Monochrome brings a futuristic edge while still remains minimal.

On to a more luxe feel item which is this Blue Ori Shirt by Monochrome.  This is a unisex piece that is polished and casually effortless at the same time.  The mandarin style collar brings in that polished element while the oversize cut covers the effortless part.

I love that the button on this piece are hidden so if a woman were to wear this styling it would not be a task.  This piece currently retails for £140.00.

You guys were probably not expecting me to feature another bomber jacket or maybe you guys were regardless of that, this MLTV architectural jacket definitely deserves a spot in my top picks.  Its sleek design completely embodies sport luxe.

This gorgeous piece currently retails for £280.00 but if you go to this link here you can get it half off thanks to The Clothing Lounge.

This pick is dedicated to the up and coming UK cold winter.  This black coat with waterfall lapels by Monochrome is a thing of structurally polish with an effortless vibe and great layering piece.  This is a piece that can easily be worn by both genders.

Monochrome named this piece Coil which I find very fitting because of its design.  This coat currently retails for £380.00.

My last pick for the month of November is this super chic vest.  Monochrome calls it the Metallah Jacket, I am not really sure if there is a meaning to the name or they came up with it by random, but regardless, I am in love with this piece especially over the fact that they designed this to be unisex 

This wonderfully amazing piece currently retails for £370.00 over on The Clothing Lounge.

That's it from me for the time being, See you on th next one.

A xoxo

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