Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sports Luxe with Sketchers

 Hello hello hello,  Happy Hump Day to all you beautiful people of the internet.  Boy, do I have something different for you guys.  As many of you know that it is very rare that I wear trainers but recently well more like since the "Sports Luxe" trend became a trend, I kinda got into it and I am not going to lie I am loving them.

Today's blog post is all about my trainers and my current favourite to wear on those dress down days that I have.  They are none other than the Sketchers Arcade 2 Circulate in Grey.
I can honestly hand on heart say that my feet have never experienced this kind of comfort, and I think this all because this awesome shoe has memory foam soles that moulds to the shape of your feet for greater comfort and because of this nifty thing they are the perfect shoes for everyday wear be it to the gym, running errands around the city, running and even Sport Luxe outfit of the day.

These Sketchers Arcade 2 Circulate are available at Debenhams for £60.00 which is not bad for a pair of comfy, functional and minimal style trainers, a definite bang for your buck.

 I gave the entire look a somewhat 90's feel to it with the clear backpack which to me is so totally Clueless (it might not for others).  Keeping to that Sports Luxe theme kept everything very monochromatic with hues of Black, White and Grey.  Y'all know me colour must be somehow a part of it so, I added on a faux fur pom pom key ring and kept the rest of the accessories on the colder tone by using silver accents through the watch and necklace.

(excuse the photo bomber... Teehee)

 So that is it from me for the time being, See you on the next one.

A xoxo

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Shoes: Sketchers Arcade 2 Circulate | Coat: Topshop [Similar] | Celine Dupe Tee: ebay | Leather Joggers: H&M (AW14) [Alternative & Alternative] | Baseball Cap: Thrifted [Alternative] | Clear Backpack: Brandy Melville [Alternative] | Watch: ASOS (sold out) [Alternative] | Faux Fur Pom Pom Keyring: Jigsaw

***This is Sponsored by Debenhams***



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