Friday, September 25, 2015

The Clothing Lounge: Designer of The Month

A lot of you would know by now that I am a bag person.  I am one of those people who builds their outfit to match a bag; over the years I have gotten pretty good with it but there are days still that I miss the mark and that's ok because I put it down as "experimental fashion" with that being said why don't I digress and move on to why you are seeing these beautiful structured handbags.

I have collaborated with The Clothing to feature a designer favourite every month and this month I give you Lya Lya

Layla Shugri is a Lebanese/Romanian based in Dubai.  She launched her debut collection back in September 2012 all across the Middle East and now she is venturing into other Fashion Markets.  Her take on Fashion is all about "Unique Structure" and I guess this because a lot of her inspiration comes from architecture, geometrical shapes, bold silhouettes and unusual structures.  Looking at her pieces you can really tell that the design is well thought of and finely made with luxurious materials.

She definitely gets tens across the board from me as when it comes to handbags, I always look for structure & uniqueness and Lya Lya definitely provides that.  One of the key trends for the Fall/Winter season is structured bags and I definitely recommend Lya Lya bags for this unique designs luxurious quality.

Head on over to (click here) to shop her collection.

Imagery by The Clothing Lounge

So that's it from me for the time being, See you on the next one.

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