Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What's In My Bag

What's In My Bag?

The bag I am currently using a lot more than my other bags and y'all know I have plenty is the Red ChloĆ© Drew esque bag that I got from Yes Style.  Of course you guys know I am all about jazzing up anything and everything so on it I attached my tassel and pom pom combo keyrings both from Jigsaw.

First item I have is of course my wallet and coin purse [depending on how small the bag I am using that day my wallet size changes too], then we have my mini Make Up pouch which is actually a zip wallet from Cath Kidston [this contains basic make up like my powder and lipstick as well as eye drops an extra pair of contact lenses and bobby pins]

Moving on to the rest of the contents of my bag, I have an EOS lipbalm then some mints and my favourite brand is Smint [I prefer mint over gum] and some tissues [I am a weirdo because I take tissues from basically everywhere and I just keep them in zip lock bag. Sorry about it!]

Next up are the must in my bag and we start off with my Hacket mini notepad and my Aluminium cased pen.  You guys may think this is a bit excessive but yes I do need 3 portable chargers as it seems that one just don't cut it to full charge my iPhone 6.

The couple items are a pair of sunglasses, it just so happened that the ones I had in my bag are my Jinx Mirrores Sunnies by Quay Australia which part of their collaboration with Shay Mitchell [Emily Fields from Pretty Little Liars] and a travel size deodorant by Sure.

Y'all have now officially seen what the contents of my bag are and I hope that this gave you some insight on what I carry all the time.

Thats all for me for now, See you the next one.

A xoxo


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