Friday, July 03, 2015

Bag Obsession

I definitely call myself a bag person because of my undying love of all things bags.  I probably have more bags than any girl I know and this includes family member, believe me when I tell you that I have more handbags than my own mother that is how bag obsessed I am.

When I piece an outfit together, I always start with the bag and work my way around it but have been known to mix and match it from time to time.  The bags I feature in this blog post are my current favourites and this also serves as part 2 of my bag obsession post from a while back =Link Here=

What I have in mind for this blog post is designer alternatives and as a bag person I am one to lust over a designer handbag like the next but it's all just lust that I can't act on as a lot of the time they way out of my price range so I always end up admiring them from a far or in most cases when I see a stranger with a designer bag that I totally adore a simply compliment for it's beauty.  Well now I can finally stop the whole admiring from a far because, I can get the dupes that are way cheaper than the original price.

Bag No. 1 is the cheaper alternative for the Valentino Rock Stud push lock cross body which a a JustFab pieces that I won from a competition they ran I while back.

Bag No. 2 the "it" bag of the season according a number of fashion bloggers I know, known as Drew by ChloĆ© which is a purchase I made via Yes Style.  Would you believe that I paid £21.00 for it including shipping.  I literally could not believe it and naturally I had to have it.

Bag No. 3 is also a ChloĆ© alternative for their Faye bag again this is from Yes Style.  The first person I saw with this bag was my blogger friend Emma Hill and when she told me that Yes Style is where she got it from, I was immediately on the site finding myself pressing the buy now button.  teehee.

Bag No. 4 is from a Bag company the specialises in designer alternative and this jelly Chanel boy esque bag is from them.  Bag Inc is the company and they offer a wide range of handbag designs that are somewhat designer replica for a fraction of the price which totally awesome.

Bag No. 5 is not necessary a dupe but more so was inspired by it's supposed designer counterpart which is the Saint Laurent bag.  When I saw this at H&M during the christmas rush, I was like I had to have it and it made a wonderful present for myself at time as well as I needed something to carry the present I got my boyfriend [at the time] so he would not notice it.

I have always been a fan of bag paraphernalia and when Karl Lagerfeld designed the Karlito for Fendi I was obsessed so I trawled the inter web for cheaper alternatives and I that when I came across the Jigsaw versions.  At first, I had just bought one and the next thing I knew I had all the available colours and it didn't stop there I had purchased a Jigsaw leather tassel keyring a while bag and started pairing the fur pom poms with it and from there I started buying one to match the fur pom poms until it just became an obsession now when ever I wear a bag the pom poms and tassels goes along with it. Teehee.

That's it for me for the time being, See you on the next one.

A xoxo

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