Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Lace Up Obsession

Ever since I laid eyes on the ChloƩ Lace-Up Gladiator Sandals at their SS15 runway show I have had this obsession in over getting myself a pair but of course I could not afford the real ones so I went on this search mission on the inter-web and found close resembling dupes that would not break my bank balance.

To give you all a bit of perspective on how much the real ChloƩ sandals cost hear are three styles with three different prices points.

1. Suede Tall Gladiator Wedge Sandal - £992.18 - Neiman Marcus [Click Me To Buy]

2. Suede Wedge Gladiator Sandals - Net-a-Porter at £660.00 [Click Me To Buy]

3. Flat Suede Lace-up Gladiator Sandals - £535.10 - Farfetch [Click Me To Buy]

Obviously, not a lot of us have access to funds of that caliber and so I have come up with a list alternatives from 2 of my favourite brands.

Without further adieu here are the bank balance friendly options that is more accessible to a lot of us.

4. ASOS Feodora in Blush - £45.00 [Click Me To Buy]

5. ASOS Fariand Suede Lace Up - £35.00 [Click Me To Buy]

6. ASOS Feodora in Brandy - £45.00 [Click Me To Buy]

If you are one of those people who cannot wait for the delivery to come or just have some reservations about ordering online then these options are for you because all you need to do is march into a local Topshop, pick em up [pay for them first of course],  and then be on your marry way.

7. Webster Lace Up Wedge Sandals - £68.00 [Click Me To Buy]

8. Heaven Gladiator Sandals - £26.00 - Comes in Cognac [Click Me To Buy] 

9. Fig Lace-up Gladiator Sandals - £39.00 - Comes in Black, White and Champagne [Click Me To Buy]

Happy Shopping Fashionistas!!!

That's it for me for the time being.  See you on the next one.

A xoxo

Disclaimer :: I do not own the photos.
Photo Source are by ASOS, Topshop, Neiman Marcus, Farfetched, Net-a-Porter.

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