Monday, June 29, 2015

My Insta Week No. 2

Hey hey beautiful people of the internet, I'm coming at you all with another a week in the life of me in pixel.  I like this segment being on the blog as it definitely gives me more chance to share with you guys what I generally get up to plus it's the perfect way to compile photographs.  Teehee.

This week on "My Insta Week" I have great mixture of Fashion, Food and Lifestyle.  I recently discovered a new way to photograph sunglasses as well as the existence of a Filipino restaurant here in London in the Earls Court area [I don't mean to be shady but it's a restaurant that I would not recommend to anyone let alone go back there myself.  The food was of average level while the service is uber unfortunate].

I hope you will join me on the My Insta Week.

That's it for me for the time being, See you on the next one!

A xoxo

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