Saturday, April 04, 2015

It's All About The Tassels

First official blog post of the relaunch/rebrand is my recent obsession over tassels.  For some very rare reason I have had obsessions over tassels and I am not even sure what triggered it.  I walked past Jigsaw one day and saw a tassel key ring on their window display found myself gravitated towards it. Next I know I was holding two and I was off to the till and paying for them.

The tassel obsession did not stop at key rings it went on to shoes too.  OK! maybe it's a little much but really just couldn't help myself and it was one of those type of situation where you just have to have them.

But on a more serious fashion note, tassels have become very prominent feature on a few of this seasons looks for designers to high street everyone seems to be jumping on the band waggon.  The key rings definitely add an extra pizzazz to a hand bag be it a big tote or a small cross body.

Now some of the tassels featured in this post are still available, but the rest were either a gift or has been discontinued but for the ones that are still around go ahead and click on the photo to you can join me in the tassel obsession movement.  Teehee.

That's it for me for the time being.  See you on the next one.

A xoxo

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