Saturday, April 04, 2015



Firstly, I want to apologize for being MIA for such a long period time and and time.  I know it's not accpetable for me to just neglect the Blog like that.

I have great news! Moving forward my presence online will now be known as "The Fashion Hackr".  There should really be an "e" in the the word hacker but sadly someone has beat me to it although the said user does not really have much presence online but hey ho tis how the cookie crumble.

I thought the handler "The Fashion Hackr" would be very appropriate for me because of what I do for a living.  Not many of you know this but I work for an Online Marketing company as part of there online fraud prevention team, so when I came up with the idea I jump into the opportunity of changing over and relaunching everything under that name.  I'll still be known as faireycakesz for some of my social media stuff only because there isn't a way for me to change it over.  The major upside is that it'll be so much easier for me to tell people what to look for and i don't have to spell it for them or worst enter it for them.

Thank to the amazing help from Pipdig, the blog never looked better.  They have the sleekest and effortless blog templates for any newbie blogger.  Everything is so easy to work and they provide you with step by step instructions on how to install the theme or if your not much fiddler like I am, they offer free installation service which is super awesome.  I can definitely say that Pipdig rules when it comes to simplistic design.

As part of the relaunch/rebrand the post on my blog with not be as frequent as before but that is because I will be working on better content for you guys so I am to post 2-3 times week the days is still to be determined but just watch this space.

To all my followers, this relaunch/rebrand is the mark of a new beginning for me and my possible career in the fashion industry, I hope that you continue to support me through every step of the way.

Much Love to Everyone and Thank You for Your Support!!!!

A xoxo


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