Monday, March 10, 2014

Bargain Basemen :: Fashion Find

***Jacket with High Collar***

Hi Guys, I am back with another bargain basement - fashion find segment.  This blog post is all about the ZARA new jacket that I got from the stock clearance.  I have been eyeing this jacket for quite sometime since it came out but never really got around to trying it on to see how it would look on me.

I got this jacket from the High Street Kensington branch of ZARA.  The story was I went initially to find a bag that I saw on their website which is this Rucksack type of bag that I am super in love with maybe when I finally buy it I will do a blog post about it but it wasn't in that store [I found out after going through every bag display they had in store] so I decide to then just ask if they still had a sale section, she told me it was upstairs.  As I was going through the sale rack, I was starting to think that it was going to be pointless looking through the rest but I pressed on and moved onto the next rack.  About 5 items into the second rack, I noticed this navy high collar looking piece and I was like NO WAY THEY HAVE IT ON SALE! but obviously as an avid sale buyer the first thing that I had to check was the size before I start getting all giddy and excited.  The Fashion Gods were definitely looking out for me because when I checked the size lo and behold it was my size well it was an XL but for ZARA a large or an extra large it will fit me no matter what.

I tried it on and one of the sales associate in there told me that the jacket looked good on me so without hesitation, I took it off and headed over to the cashier and paid for the jacket and walked off.  Obviously, I bought it right away as it was only £19.99 and for a ZARA jacket this is definitely a bargain.  From £69.99 to £19.99 I was not about to let it go especially knowing that it was the only one in store.


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