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Look For Less :: Handbags

***Look For Less :: Handbags***

So have you ever been in that moment where you walked into a shop and find THE HANDBAG and find that its way out of your price range or see someone with THE HANDBAG and find yourself having a  "bag envy" moment, well I for one have plenty of times.

I am a firm believer of nothing can substitute the real deal but in events where digits in your bank account is not enough to get the real deal then that's when I forgo the belief and go with an alternative or a "dupe".  That's exactly what this blog post is about I will show you some of Fashions coveted handbags and there bank account friendly alternative.

If you are a follower of this blog then I am sure that you have read in the pas post the phrase "wannabe handbag" and if you are new then please check out some of my existing post and see for yourself.  Enough of the rambling and let me get into the real reason for this blog post which is to feature some of my best buys and the perfect alternative for handbags the likes of Prada, Michael Kors, Céline, Foley+Corinna and only to mention but a few.  [DISCLAIMER :: This Blog Post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned, I paid for all the items with my own money].

***Prada vs ZARA***
I'm kicking off the Handbag alternative with the first of my purchase which is the ZARA Office City Bag which retailed for £49.99.  This bag is the perfect alternative to the Prada Saffiano Cow Skin Tote and honestly all that's missing is the Prada emblem and it can definitely pass as Prada if not even a part of the "Saffiano Collection".  When I first saw this bag I immediately feel in love with it so in love that when ZARA decided to launch a mini version I also bought myself one which retailed for £29.99.  The Prada Saffiano RRP at £1,590.00

***Michael Kors vs JustFab***
Second on the list is probable one of the brightest bag in my collection and this is the Michael Kors alternative for the Ostrich Hamilton known as Power Player that retailed for £35.00 but I got it for £17.50.  It's definitely eye catching because of it's bright and bold orange colour.  The bag itself is slightly smaller than the real one in terms of inside room wise but exterior wise it's about the same size.  Like the ZARA one the only thing missing is the MK padlock and it'll definitely pass as the real deal.  The Michael Kors Hamilton RRP at £310.00

***Céline vs JustFab***
Next up on the list is for me the best buy on this list and has amazing resemblance with the real deal which the Parisian in cherry red that retailed for £35.00 which I got for £17.50.  The price alone is less than a fraction of the price of a Céline Phantom Luggage Tote.  Fashionista and A lister all over the world have this as a staple handbag in their wardrobe.  It is definitely the perfect travel companion, I remember the first time I saw this the Céline Luggage Tote it was in a photo of the Olsen Twins and then later on Nicole Richie, I immediately feel in love and told myself I will save up and one day get myself one but obviously that never happened LoL!  I guess it is safe to say that I love it so much that I placed myself on the waiting list for the Black and the Nude version of it, to a point that I even mark it as “buy when it becomes available” on JustFab.  The Céline Luggage Tote RRP at £1,740.00

***3.1 Phillip Lim vs JustFab***
The next one on the look for less hand bag list is the 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli, like the other 2 this is also from and on there they call it the Midtown.  On the site the bag is available in white and forest green, I of course chose the forest green one.  This handbag retails for £35.00 as is majority of the items on the website if you are on the VIP membership.  Now the only thing that I was not too keen on is the size, in my head it would be a large handbag in reality it is a cross between small and medium [Not small enough to be small and not big enough to be a medium] but other than that I am pretty happy with this purchase because a Pashli would set me back £805.00.

***Proenza Schouler vs JustFab***
Here I have the alternative for fashion go to it satchel for fashion bloggers which is the Proenza Schouler PS1 of course Mulberry Alexa is too but I have yet to find an alternative for that so I digress.  The alternative I have here is also another purchase from known as the Hudson which retails for £35.00.  Like the Midtown my only issue is the size as again it's not big enough.  As you can probably tell I like big bags and it's not often that you would see me sport a small bag [except on night outs] so the size really did provide a little bit of disappoint and also the clasp lock design of the bag is very appealing but lack sturdiness should wish to carry the satchel by its hand and not as a cross body or shoulder bag.  Other than the two points you cannot go wrong with its price point and definitely a PS1 looker.  The Proenza Schouler RRP at £1,150.00

***Givenchy vs Topshop***
This is the second to last on my current list of look for less :: handbag and that is the alternative for the Givenchy Antigona, which is the Topshop Faux Croc Winged Holdall that retailed for £42.00 but got it on SALE for £25.00. I guess with this one there is some prominent resemblance but would not entirely say it's a dupe because New Look and H&M also had something similar looking to the Antigona.  I love how it has the same sturdy structured design like the real deal and definitely a fraction of cost to the real Givenchy Antigona.  The Givenchy Antigona RRP at £1,395.00

***Foley+Corinna vs JustFab***
Last but certainly not the least, the dupe for the Foley+Corinna Mid City Tote which is yet another piece and this is none other than the Upper West in this beautiful turquoise colour that will the perfect amount of pop for anyone's  plain ensemble.  I got really into this bag because of Taylor Momsen’s character in Gossip Girl "Jenny Humphrey" throughout season 2 of her Constance days she has been sporting the Foley+Corinna Mid City Tote and it just made me obsessed about it.  A Foley+Corinna would set me back approximately a little shy to £400.00 which again I can save up for but it's going to take a while and I am the type that when I want something I want that something now [if I can afford it].  The Foley+Corinna Mid City Tote RRP at £305.00

That's it for the list would have to end here but hopefully I will be adding more to this list if ever I find more look for less handbag alternatives.



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