Thursday, February 20, 2014

London Fashion Week AW14 Street Style Day 3

LFW :: Fashion In Pixels

Fashion Week for me ended slightly abruptly as I only manage to go to Day 2 and 3 but despite of this I still manage to snap a number of stylish people in their own right.

Like I said before, Fashion has boundaries and but they always seem to be broken and style is limitless, of course to each their own.

I am sorry for the late posting, that being said here are some of the Day 3 street style at London Fashion Week.

The talented and wonderful Monique Lee who designs amazing and fabulous hats check her out at

My fellow GG fanatic Miss Maya Williams of Fashion Lollipop

Met the queen of Primark Hauls [my go to inspiration before visiting Primani] Becca Rose and the Lovely and Stylish Arabella Golby

The Colorful ladies at Tutu Chic

Adoring this awesome back pack by Doc Martens

The adorable Jessica Chelsey spotted at LFW Day 3

The gorgeous and fabulous sweetheart of Style of a London Tall Girl Marsha Campbell

The Stylish and King of OOTD's on Instagram Alexander Liang

My Fabulous Friend Patricia Bright a.k.a. BritPopPrincess from Moments of Style

A cheeky shot of ever fabulous Mariko Kuo of Silk and Suits


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