Saturday, February 15, 2014

London Fashion Week AW14 Street Style Day 2

LFW :: Fashion In Pixels

London Fashion Week kicked off on a wet start yesterday at Somerset House and unfortunately, I was not able to go due to work commitments but I manage to go to Day 2 and Day 3 which is tomorrow.  According to my sources it was a rather wet day yesterday but a lot of London's fashion crowd brave the weather.

Day 2 was bless with a good weather, the sun was shining although it drizzled for a bit here and there but did not stop me from heading to Somerset House to see the fashion and the diversity it brings.

Fashion week always attracts fashion enthusiasts of the world what better way for me to show you [my readers] the variety of styles they have to offer than through photographs.  Here are the photos of the stylish people I have taken today.

My friend Hannah from YT's MissHannahLive a.k.a. TrenDyFanTassy

Gorgeous Male Model wear a Christopher Raeburn Tartan Cape #Amexstyle

The Carder Twins :: Sabrina [Left] is the Editor of The Young Eccentric

The fabulous Silvia Maia editor of I-Fashion

Editor of Fashion Pearl of Wisdom :: Pearl Westwood

Fashion Photographer Ru'th Misamu from Mystery of the Veil

The cutesy Miss Jessica Chelsey from

Aimee Rose Francis of Aimazin

Neco London



The ever beautiful and stylish Mariko Kuo - Model and my Fashion Icon of Silk and Suits 

Gorgeous Male Model wear a Christopher Raeburn Tartan Cape #Amexstyle

Camera Used :: Samsung NX300 18-55


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  1. very nice! You took a load of pics! thank for taking mine! I'm the one in the white and black heels and plaid coat ;)
    xx, Alma


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