Friday, February 21, 2014

Bargain Basement - Fashion Find

***Topshop Jacqard Embossed Suit***
Today could not be any better than it could be, It's a bright day in London Town.  The sun is beaming and the temperature is not as cold especially for Mid-February but that aside what really made this day so much better than it could be is the fact that I just scored the perfect bargain from Topshop.

The first time I saw this 2 piece suit was a little over a month ago and immediately fell in love with it but could not get myself to pay £95.00 for both pieces at the time [due to lack of budget].  I initially intended go back for them we I paid but completely forgot.  I don't what came over me but I decided to go to Topshop in Victoria before heading to work to just browse, so there I was looking through the racks of sale items which is actually a norm for me whenever I go into a shop is a check the sale items [if they have any] before checking other items and eventually making a purchase this is when i stumble across this vibrant red piece and realized that it was the blazer of the suit the intended to buy not so long ago after a while I then came across the matching trousers.  It was just my luck that out of the two blazers left one was a size 16 so I immediately picked it up and tried it on and when I saw that the fit was perfect I hung on to it and started looking for my size of the trousers that when I there are huge bunch of them in different sizes so I decide to go with a size with hesitation [thought that it may not fit] but after trying it on it definitely made me smile from ear to ear.

So there I was at the till ready to pay £45.00 for the lot and having a discussion with the sales associate about how I feel like I should come into Topshop earlier so that I could have worn this suit at London Fashion Week but I digress handing over my VISA when to my surprise she tells me that sale items have a further 20% discount so instead of paying £45.00 I ended up paying £36.00 for both pieces.  I entered the pin, said goodbye to the girl and left the shop with the biggest smile on my face after getting not a a great find in the sale but also quite the bargain price for a 2 piece suit.

From £95.00 to £45.00 to £36.00 this is Bargain Basement - Fashion Find

***If you guys want to get your hands on this amazing 2 piece Jacquard Embossed Suit, I linked the photos below so head on over to***  

Jacquard Embossed Blazer RRP > £55.00 = Sale Price > £25.00

Jacquard Embossed Trousers RRP > £40.00 = Sale Price > £20.00


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