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LOTD :: Check The Crop

"Check The Crop"


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LOTD :: All About Cara

"All About Cara"


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LOTD :: Preppy Leopard

"Preppy Leopard"

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London Fashion Week AW14 Street Style Day 3

LFW :: Fashion In Pixels

Fashion Week for me ended slightly abruptly as I only manage to go to Day 2 and 3 but despite of this I still manage to snap a number of stylish people in their own right.

Like I said before, Fashion has boundaries and but they always seem to be broken and style is limitless, of course to each their own.

I am sorry for the late posting, that being said here are some of the Day 3 street style at London Fashion Week.

LOTD :: Casually Western

"Casually Western"


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LOTD :: LFW Day 3

"LFW Day 3"


HAPPY SUNDAY!!! To all my sugar cubes and fashionista's of the world.  The weekend has arrived to so kick back my lovies.

Today marks Day 3 of London Fashion Week and I am heading over to Somerset House for Street Style with my Photographer Friend Sander Pereira for a Fashion Shoot street style inspired.  Photos of that will soon follow in a few days or so.

For today's look of the day, there wasn't really an inspiration to the look I just decided to go with a "match-matchy" vide from yesterdays outfit.  When I arrived and Somerset House, I found myself being told that the see a bit of a Blair Waldorf inspiration ensemble going on and so during the few interviews I did, I basically told them that because of other fashion bloggers I decided to go with a Blair Waldorf Inspired ensemble.  I guess the reason why they think this is the case would be mainly because of the head piece I had on today.

We started off with a leopard printed button up blouse by H&M paired with shimmer burgundy tuxedo pants also by H&M, both of which was bought through the sales in the past.  I buttoned up the blouse all the way to the top and tucked the ends into the tuxedo pants for a more polished look.  I then layered over yet another H&M piece which is goldfish embroidered jumper.

The chosen outerwear for today's look of the day came in the form of another H&M piece which is the black round neck de constructed wool coat that is from the premium label of the brand and was bought via the sale a few weeks ago.

On bottom, I decide to play with slight neutralness of the look and so I went for my ZARA nude patent slip on shoes that I also got in the sale for £9.99 so a definite bargain.

For accessories, I did not go shy in this department and instead went all out via a statement piece of necklace by Primark [A lot of the people thought it was something one of a kind and expensive] along with my French Connection analogue watch and the bow and gems brooch by Topshop that I have attached to the coat.  Further into the accessories, I went and wore a fascinator and head piece combined head dress also by H&M.  Let us not forget the sential piece when it's sunny and that is my cat eye sunglasses by ZARA.

Lastly, the chosen bag to go with today's pairing is my Givency inspired handbag by Topshop that is also a Sale Item.  The colour of the bag added the perfect of complete to the hues of the trousers.

That's it for today’s LOTD and until the next time…FASHION IS THE DICTATOR OF TASTE! ...XOXO...

====Outfit Breakdown====

Black Round New Deconstructed Coat ▶ H&M [SALE].
Cream Goldish Embroidered Jumper ▶ H&M.
Leapord Printed Button Up Blouse ▶ H&m [SALE].
Shimmer Burgundy Skinny Tuxedo Pants ▶ H&M [SALE]
Nude Patent Slip On Shoes ▶ ZARA [SALE].

Head Piece ▶ H&M.
Sunglasses  ZARA.
Brooch ▶ Topshop [SALE]. 
 Necklace ▶ Priamrk.
Watch ▶ French Connection. 
Rings ▶ Gifted Heirloom

Bag ▶ Topshop [SALE].


Photographed by Sander Gabriel Pereira

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London Fashion Week AW14 Street Style Day 2

LFW :: Fashion In Pixels

London Fashion Week kicked off on a wet start yesterday at Somerset House and unfortunately, I was not able to go due to work commitments but I manage to go to Day 2 and Day 3 which is tomorrow.  According to my sources it was a rather wet day yesterday but a lot of London's fashion crowd brave the weather.

Day 2 was bless with a good weather, the sun was shining although it drizzled for a bit here and there but did not stop me from heading to Somerset House to see the fashion and the diversity it brings.

Fashion week always attracts fashion enthusiasts of the world what better way for me to show you [my readers] the variety of styles they have to offer than through photographs.  Here are the photos of the stylish people I have taken today.

LOTD :: LFW Day 2

"LFW Day 2"


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