Friday, September 13, 2013

LOTD :: All Striped Out

"All Striped Out"


HAPPY FRIDAY! To all my Fashionista's out there.

Stripes is probably a print that has passed through the eras of fashion and have manage to stayed strong and for it has become a staple in my wardrobe I feel that it should be to in everyone's wardrobe.  So today's fashion pairing I kind of went crazy with stripes and paired three different stripes in complimentary hues of course to ensure it does not look costumie but rather chic and pulled together.

We start off with a striped slogan tee by Topman paired with my H&M sand super skinny trousers.  I tucked in the tee in to the trousers for a more polished feel and belted it with my Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo tan woven leather waist belt for that nautical vibe.  As it is getting chillier but still jot cold enough to wear a coat I layered over a burgundy and navy striped cardigan by H&M along with a military inspired blazer by Forever 21.

On bottom, I went with my striped canvas slipper style espadrille plimsoll by New Look to match the trousers and create a streamlined silhouette with it being in the same colour scheme. 
For accessories, I sort of went for a semi minimal approach via gold toned jewellery pieces via layering an anchor necklace by ASOS with an arrowhead necklace by Topshop.  I then stacked arm swags via a simple analogue watch by ASOS along with a black and gold cord and chain friendship bracelet by Reborn Jewellery which is a gifted piece and a my ever faithful belt style clamp bracelet by Accessorize.  To finish off the accessories I just went with a couple of rings by Topshop and ZARA.   
Lastly, the chosen bag to go with today's pairing is my New Look winged mini tote in nude to match perfectly with the colour scheme of the trousers.  

That's it for today’s LOTD and until the next time…FASHION IS THE DICTATOR OF TASTE! ...XOXO...


====Outfit Breakdown====

Military Style Semi-Crop Blazer :: Forever 21 [SALE].
Burgundy and Navy Cardigan :: H&M.
Striped Slogan Tee :: Topman [SALE].
Sand Super Skinny Trousers :: H&M [SALE].
Tan Woven Leather Waist Belt :: Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo [Hand Me Down].
Striped Canvas Slipper Style Espadrilles Plimsoll :: New Look.

Anchor Necklace :: ASOS.
Arrowhead Necklace :: Topshop.
Watch :: ASOS
Belt Style Clamp Bracelet :: Accessorize.
Black and Gold Friendship Bracelet :: Reborn Jewellery [Gifted].
Rings :: Topshop & ZARA. 

Bag :: New Look [Gifted].



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