Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ashish - SS14 - Runway Show @ London Fashion Week

Ashish - SS14 - Runway Show @ London Fashion Week

Let me start by congratulations to Ashish for yet another successful runway show.  The show was definitely filled with glitz, a feel of world travel and iconised. Seeing the sequence glisten as the models walked the runway gave the clothes a glitzy glamour feel that feature extreme lux and an update to your typical grungy distressed denim, the nostalgia aspect of the showcase came through in the form of vintage coca-cola logos which is truly a popular icon that is known all over the world; speaking of the world I also felt the strong sense of world traveller with all the looks that walked the runway especially referring to the black sheer eastern writing printed jumpsuit, from a far the print looked as if they were monochromatic stripes but they are not.

The showcase was truly eye catching in the respect of all the sequenced pieces that walked the runway, although it was eye catching I a part of me thinks that it is a bold Spring & Summer 2014 collection in the sense of there was too much sequence.  While I am all about glitz and glamour I do draw a line to sequence sweatpants/jogging bottoms that being said I did say to a friend of mine who was also at the showcase I would not mind wearing that to the

As the collection walked the runway a prominent "handbag" was carried through out the show.  Now I say handbag with "" as they were not your conventional handbags, they were carrier bags covered in sequence at first I was not keen on the idea of sequence carrier bags but then one of the models walked out with a M&S sequence covered carrier bag and this sold me like a finger snap.  I commend Ashish Gupta for his well thought of efforts to give new life to pieces that others neglect the workmanship that went on to the pieces that walked the runway were truly phenomenal and outstanding.  I was lucky enough to witness this wonderful collection showcase from one of Britain's Elite Designer.


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