Thursday, August 22, 2013

LOTD :: Menswear World Traveller

"Menswear World Traveller"


For today's look of the day I decided to go with a polished menswear world traveller feel which is basically a preppy office chic look with a subtle hint of bohemian feel because of the chosen printed top and the fringe accents on the chosen bag.

We start off with a short sleeve medic printed button up by Topman paired with my H&M navy skinny trousers.  I buttoned the shirt all the way to the top and tucked it into the trousers to give it a more prim and polished look then belted the trousers with another H&M piece which is this Navajo inspired tan skinny waist belt.  To complete the look in went on and added my ZARA Man rusty red plush tailored blazer to give the look a menswear inspired feel.

On bottom, I went with a neutral approach by wearing my nude patent lace up oxfords by New Look to create a more streamlined silhouette and act as the neutral piece to today's look. 
For accessories, I went with gold tone jewellery pieces via a bow embossed collar tips by ASOS along with a simple analogue watch by ASOS and a belt style clamp bracelet by Accessorize.    

Lastly, the chosen bag to go with today's pairing is my River Island black leather bucket bag with leather fringing to give the look a subtle hint of bohemian feel which somewhat matches that world traveller feel the top brings.  

That's it for today’s LOTD and until the next time…FASHION IS THE DICTATOR OF TASTE! ...XOXO...

====Outfit Breakdown====

Rusty Red Plush Tailored Blazer :: ZARA Man.
Medic Printed Button Up :: Topman [SALE].
Navy Skinny Trousers :: H&M.
Tan Navajo Inspired Skinny Waist Belt :: H&M.
Nude Patent Lace Up Oxfords :: New Look.

Bow Embossed Collar Tips :: ASOS. 
Watch :: ASOS.
Belt Style Clamp Bracelet :: Accessorize.

Bag :: River Island.



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