Friday, July 12, 2013

LOTD :: Utilitarian Monochrome

"Utilitarian Monochrome"


HAPPY FRIDAY! To all my Fashionista's out there.

For today’s look of the day I decided to go with a monochromatic look but have a hint of utilitarian feel and give it a day appropriate vibe.

We start off with a alphanumeric monochromatic tee by Primark paired with a repurposed trousers made into shorts also my Primark.  I tucked the tee into the shorts to give it a more polished feel and as the shorts are high waisted it was only fitting that I pair my Forever 21 studded stretch belt.  The studding on the belt immediately brings in a utilitarian edge to the look so I played off with that and added on a structured military inspired blazer also by Forever 21.  The blazer ties in the entire look that makes it chic and casually effortless.

On bottom, I went for a printed yet neutral approach via a striped canvas slipper style espadrille plimsoll by New Look to keep everything muted and to also give illusion that I have longer legs...LoL...
For accessories, its pieced together with a subtle mixed metal feel as the necklace im wearing which is by New Look is mostly silver toned with gold accents so I played off with the gold accents and went with cone spike bangle by Topshop, black & gold cord & chain friendship bracelet by Reborn Jewellery which is a gifted piece,  a belt style clamp bracelet by Accessorize and a simple analogue watch by ASOS.

Lastly, the chosen bag to go with today's pairing is my Michael Kors Ostrich Leather Hamilton dupe which is my power player orange handbag by  The hand bag brings in that punch of colour to make the ensemble pop.

That's it for today’s LOTD and until the next time…FASHION IS THE DICTATOR OF TASTE! ...XOXO...


==Outfit Breakdown==

Military Style Blazer :: Forever 21
Alphanumeric Monochromatic Tee :: Primark. 
High Waisted Pleated Front Shorts :: Primark [Old Trousers Repurposed] Studded Stretch Waist Belt :: Forever 21.
Striped Canvas Slipper Style Espadrilles Plimsoll :: New Look.

Necklace :: New Look.  
Watch :: ASOS.  
Belt Style Clamp Bracelet :: Accessorize Black & Gold, Cord & Chain Friendship Bracelet :: Reborn Jewellery [Gifted].
Cone Spike Bangle :: Topshop.

Bag ::



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