Friday, July 05, 2013

LOTD :: Floral Blanc et Noir

"Floral Blanc et Noir"


HAPPY FRIDAY! To all my Fashionista's out there.

For today’s look of the day I am mixing two trends into one and that is florals and monochrome black and white.  Using the floral as the punch or should I say splash of colour to a monochromatic look is not as bad as I initially thought it would lets get started with today's pairing.

We start off with a plain black button up by Primark paired with a white high rise shorts that I thrifted from Oxfam.  I buttoned the button up all the way to the top and tucked it into the shorts for a sophisticated and polished look, I then belted the look with a metallic bar skinny waist belt by New Look.  Now to complete this Friday ensemble I am wearing my sprinh burst floral printed tailored blazer by ZARA this piece adds structure and the perfect splash of colour for a monochromatic ensemble. 

On bottom, I went for a neutral approach by wearing my nude patent lace up oxfords by New Look to elongate my gams and create a more streamlined silhouette. 
For accessories, I went gold toned jewellery pieces via a tiered chevron necklace by Reborn Jewellery [Gifted], a brooch with pearl detailing another gifted piece.  I went all out on the arm swags via an ASOS analogue watch, a cone spike bangle by Topshop, a belt style clamp bracelet by Accessorize and a black and gold cord and chain friendship bracelet by Reborn Jewellery another gifted piece. 

Lastly, the chosen bag to go with today's pairing is the most recent addition to my collection and that is none other than the version of the Michael Kors Hamilton which is the Orange Power Player Handbag.  It's not real ostrich leather so I'm relieved because I don't want PETA coming after

What I love about this handbag is that it closely resembles the Hamilton Ostrich by Michael Kors which retails around £398.00 to some people, this is not a lot but for an average person like me it is so when I found the JustFab Power Player Handbag for only £17.50 I was jumping for joy because it meant that I could have something similar without straining my bank account so if any of you guys are interested in getting the same one then visit

DISCLAIMER :: I got the bag for £17.00 because it was my first purchase due a half off deal they gave me, so if you are an existing customer you will have to pay £35.00 but even that it's still a good deal.

That's it for today’s LOTD and until the next time…FASHION IS THE DICTATOR OF TASTE! ...XOXO...


==Outfit Breakdown==

Spring Burst Floral Printed Tailored Blazer :: ZARA [SALE].
Black Button Up :: Primark. 
White High Rise Shorts :: Thrifted [Oxfam].
Metallic Bar Skinny Waist Belt :: New Look.
Nude Patent Lace Up Oxfords :: New Look. 

Brooch :: Gifted. 
Necklaces :: Gifted.   
Watch :: ASOS.  
Black and Gold Friendship Bracelet :: Gifted.
Belt Style Clamp Bracelet :: Accessorize.
Cone Spike Bangle :: Topshop.  

Bag ::


JustFab :: Power Player Handbag >>>> £17.50 

Michael Kors :: Hamilton Ostrich >>>> £398.00


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