Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LOTD: Ethnographic Boho Chic

"Ethnographic Boho Chic"

HAPPY HUMP DAY to all my Fashionista's out there...hope your week has been fabulous so far...xoxo...

Today's look of the day is a play on the tribal pieces and I call it Ethnographic Boho Chic.

We start off with a plain grey turtle neck top by Uniqlo as base paired with my burgundy wash denim skinnies by Topshop to create a slender and sleek appearance from top to bottom.  Over the turtle neck I added the first tribal piece which is a long cardigan by Primark that has a western Navajo print.

On bottom, I played off with the earthy vibe that gives the look a subtle Boho feel via my brown ankle booties by New Look that has these cross buckle strap design which also compliments the long cardi.

For accessories, this is where add more of the tribal feel starting with my Aztec totem ladder necklace by Forever 21, a pyramid stud bracelet by Topshop along with a reptile printed wrist band by H&M, an analogue watch by ASOS and lastly a few tribal inspired rings by Topshop.

The chosen bag to go with today's pairing is my 2 - toned ZARA tote to add an unexpected structure to the look.

Lastly, the outerwear I chose to go with today's look is my camel wool duffle coat by Uniqlo along with a chunky knitted scarf draped over the neck by River Island and a pair of burgundy leather gloves by Marks & Spencers.

That's it for today’s LOTD and until the next time…FASHION IS THE DICTATOR OF TASTE! …XOXO… 

==Outfit Breakdown==

Camel Wool Duffle Coat :: Uniqlo [SALE].
Chunky Scarf :: River Island.
Leather Gloves :: M&S.

Navajo Long Cardigan :: Primark.
Turtle Neck :: Uniqlo.
Denim Skinnies :: Topshop.
Booties :: New Look.

Necklace :: Forever 21.
Watch :: ASOS.
Arm Swag :: Topshop and H&M.
Rings :: Topshop.

Bag :: ZARA [Philippines].

with Outerwear and Accessories


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