Monday, November 12, 2012

LOTD: The Casual Lady Like

"The Casual Lady Like"


This week, it’s all about the basic staple that everyone has in their wardrobe and I mean everyone because even babies have this…LOL…and this is none other than “The White Tee”.

I will show you guys how I style the white tee a few different ways to show you guys the versatility and how this piece can go from casual chic to elevated looks by pairing it with the right pieces.

Today’s look is all about “The Casual Lady Like” so we start off with our feature piece which is this U-shape neckline White Tee from ASOS paired with Navy Trousers belted with a Skinny Reptile Print Waist belt both from H&M.  Over the white tee I wanted to give it a chanelesque feel so I went with Striped Round Neck Cardi Jacket with Gold detailing on the buttons.

On bottom, I kept simple while still giving polish via a Nude Suede Lace-up Brogues from New Look.  For accessories, I wanted to take pieces that would tie in well with the “Lady Like” vide I’m going for so I went with gold tone pieces like a pearl bow ring, a heart spinner ring, a few twisted bands, a belt style clamp bangle, a gold watch and lastly, a neck lace that I got in the sale from Accessorize during the summer.  This piece was actually in the “broken” sale pile but the gems were still intact it was just a few metal piece that broke off so what I did was I covered the gems with neon nail varnish from Barry M.

For today’s bag of the moment, I went with my Taupe Carry-On Satchel with detachable Cross Body Straps from TK Maxx [I think this shop is called TJ Maxx in the US].

Lastly, today’s outerwear is this Double Breasted Blended Wool Pea Coat in this season “it” colour Burgundy and for scarf I just have on a long Chunky Crochet Knitted piece that I got from River Island a while back.

That’s it for today’s LOTD and until the next time…FASHION IS THE DICTATOR OF TASTE! …XOXO…

==Outfit Breakdown==

Pea Coat :: Uniqlo.
Scarf :: River Island.
White Tee :: ASOS.
Striped Cardi Jacket :: H&M [SALE]
Trousers :: H&M.
Belt :: H&M
Shoes :: New Look.
Necklace :: Accessorize [SALE – DIY Painted Gems with Nail Varnish].
Bracelet :: Accessorize.
Watch :: ASOS [SALE].
Ring :: Accessorize and Topshop.
Bag :: TK Maxx.


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