Monday, October 29, 2012

LFH: Fashion Zombie Model

"Fashion Model Zombie"

Look For Halloween
The Halloween Edition

So being that I just got back from holiday and my office Halloween party was coming very soon I didn’t know what I was going to as this year especially because this year’s theme is something “Scary” but as I am not much of a scary costume type of person I improvised.

This year I dressed up as a “Fashion Model Zombie”, I thought I would be somewhat scary but still have my style aesthetic.  For this look all I had to was take pieces from my wardrobe, although the entire look was carried by the make-up which took me about an hour to do because I have this thing where I can do something better on the right side of my face but have a difficulty replicating it on the other side…LoL…but with patience and a ton of contouring and shading I manage to make myself look like a zombie…

For the ensemble, we start off with a hot pink vest race back top because the blouse with black heart print is a bit sheer and it’s cold outside so I didn’t want freeze myself.  I paired it with a floral printed high rise shorts also in a pink colour so effectively I’m creating a print on print look here well it more like an explosion of print on print because I also added spotted tights and printed knee highs to create this look.

For accessories, I went minimal via a Sequence Spiked Bow, a Gold Watch, and a Gold Bangle and a few stack Rings.

On bottom, I’m wearing these Hot Pink Cut-Out Platform Slingbacks that I got in the SALE 2 years ago.  I actually bought them for a comic relief charity event back in 2010.  The shoe definitely elevated the look to be more modelesque because it made me 5½ inches taller…

For the hair, I just back comb the top of my hair and sprayed half a can of hair spray to achieve this hive effect and dusted baby powder to give it more edge.

That’s it for this years LFH and until the next time…FASHION IS THE DICTATOR OF TASTE! …XOXO…


==Outfit Breakdown==

Vest :: Hot Pink Race Back Vest – H&M.
Blouse :: Black Heart Printed Button-Up – Primark.
Bow :: Sequence Spiked Bow – Topshop.
Belt :: Black Vintage Leather Waist Belt – Salvatore Ferragamo.
Shorts :: Floral Printed High Rise Shorts – ASOS [SALE].
Tights :: Spotted Black Tights – M&S.
Knee High Socks :: Spotted Hearts Knee High Socks – M&S.
Shoes :: Hot Pink Cut-Out Platform Sligbacks – New Look [SALE].
Watch :: ASOS.
Bangle :: Accessorize.
Rings :: Topshop and Accessorize.


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